Choosing a blog engine

March 13, 2017

The choice of a blog engine was a longtime in the making. Utilizing any of the popular hosting engines such as Wordpress, drupal, or squarespace would have worked fine. The ultimate factor which led me away from those engines was control. There was a trade off between convenience and control. Having been a consumer of blog content for many years, I have observed many horror stories regarding situations such as unexpected engine updates, changing dependencies, and CMS patches causing great deal of pain. At the same time I was exploring this topic a fellow blogger, Scott Lowe, unknowingly introduced be to static web generators. …And there is where my journey started.

To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite Seinfied episode, static website generators were really “scratching me right where I itch”. Ep 166: The Strike The ability to compose in markdown and using a git repository were both huge positives. Specifically to Hugo, I found it to be fast, easy to use, great starter documentation, and easy to deploy with minimal dependencies. This has allow me to easily create a website that is portable with minimal application lock-in. This is important as there are a few other fun project I queued for the future. The introduction to Hugo page outlines many of the positives which attracted me to the application.

In coming posts, I will expand on the process I utilized for hosting, server setup and theme integration. While this is the beginning of the journey, I have been satisfied with the results. Best of all, it is all new to me and presents a great challenge.

Blog Hosting

March 14, 2017